What is Thrive “Business Professional Group” (BPG)?

We are a group of members that meet during the week to support one another to learn professional and personal skills that can help us succeed and gain “real life independence”.

When and where do we meet?

Thrive BPG is a Monday through Friday Program – 5.5 hours per day. Our members choose the activities, events, and volunteer opportunities. We meet at various locations in the community and volunteer in a variety of businesses and organizations. We visit museums, parks, events, and venues of our choice.

 Do you have to attend every day?

If you are not working it is advisable to attend every day so that you can learn new skills that will help you become more successful. Many members in our group work. On the days that we are not working we attend Thrive BPG for more skill building and to give us an opportunity to share our employment successes.

Who supports Thrive BPG members?

Thrive “Independence Navigators” are our facilitators.

Who can enroll and how to enroll?

Thrive BPG is open to clients that receive DDDS services. You will need to connect with your DDDS case manager to choose Thrive services.

 What are a few of the goals addressed at Thrive BPG?

  • Building professional skills
  • Building social skills
  • Learning about health and wellness
  • Learning about safety
  • and more………

If you would like more information about Thrive BPG or are considering joining the group, contact us today!