Why Choose Thrive – Real Life Independence?

Personal Attention
At Thrive, the focus is on you. We offer customized training, support, and services designed to meet your employment needs.

We Listen
Our highly skilled staff work one on one with you to help you identify your talents, interests, and hopes for the future. We are interested in hearing what you want and we want to help you make a plan for your career path.

We help you plan
We help you assess your current skills and encourage to you discover and understand new skills that you might need to achieve your career goals. We offer Employment placement services (both Competitive and Supported Employment), PreVocational Services, and Day Habilitaion services, which are all individualized. Together we develop a step by step success plan tailored to meet your needs. Plans can include:

    • Understanding the job search process
    • Drafting a professional resume
    • Job Development/How to apply
    • Networking skills
    • Interview training and practice
    • Pre Employment skills
    • Lifestyle skills

We help you put the plan into action
We support you with each step of your plan from getting ready for the job to practicing interviews, finding the right match, and accepting the best job offer. When you secure a position, we offer on the job training and long term support if needed. When you succeed, we succeed!