We provide the necessary training and guidance to assist our clients in moving beyond the perceived limits of disability. The Thrive team will serve as “matchmakers” between our clients and the companies that will employ them. Our clients are very motivated to work hard in your business. We train our clients (at NO cost to you) to become loyal, dedicated, and hard working employees. Companies that employ people with disabilities, turn social challenges into business opportunities!

  • Our Experts pre-screen qualified candidates
  • We offer customized matching services that satisfies both employer and employee
  • We provide on-site training as part of our program at no charge to employers
  • Reduce staff turnovers! Discover the benefits of increased retention because our clients want to work
  • Individualized long term support is our specialty. We will be there with you long after the hiring and initial training is complete to support those clients that may need additional support at any given time